When listening to queer freak folk duo Sweet Petunia for the first time, many are blown away by the interchanging vocal lines of Madison Simpson & Mairead Guy. Unbelievably, the two are not related, though their voices are almost indistinguishable from each other. These brother harmonies lead Sweet Petunia through many shifting genres, melding traditional folk sensibilities with a distinct punk flare. Established in Boston in 2018, the pair have spent the last four years cultivating their sound and playing over one hundred shows. Sweet Petunia’s third EP, titled “Lovingly”, was to released November 5th, 2021. It’s an ode to all types of love, from dedicated partnerships to messy, strung out failed romances. The project marks a distinct turn in Sweet Petunia’s music towards a heavier sound, while still holding true to their Americana roots. The first single, “People Watching”, muses light-heartedly over potential romance with a stranger. Lyrics such as “I saw you across the way / you laughed, tilted your head back…I just looked from where I stood / afraid” address a moment that everyone has experienced; the infatuation you can feel for somebody you don’t know, but want to so badly.