Sweet Petunia

Queer Alt Folk from Boston MA

Sweet Petunia, established in 2018, is a queer alt folk duo from Boston, MA composed of Mairead Guy (they/them) and Madison Simpson (she/her). Over the past five years they’ve broken hearts all across the US from Richmond to Chicago to San Francisco. They’ve been praised for their haunting, interchanging harmonies, and their ability to bring to life something as mundane as catching a stranger’s eye in a poetic ode, to the love that can be found in the smallest of places. They answer the often begged question, “is one banjo enough?” with a resounding “no!” as they switch through combinations of double banjo, double guitar, and guitar and banjo, singing all the while. They most recently brought their unique blend of roots music and punk influence to In Between Days in Quincy, MA.

booking & general inquiries: sweetpetuniaband@gmail.com

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